The MapMory


MapMory is an new interactive map that automatically update my current GPS location during the journey across Europe and Asia, which allows skaters/bikers/ skate boarders/ roller skier/ hmmm maybe shopping cart chauffeur as well to join me at any point in their local city. You could pre-arrange a day off from work , easily click “Join” ahead of time and experience the journey with me because The Bladress Project isn’t just about me, it’s about every single precious soul I am lucky enough to run into. I’d love you to be part of the documentary! If you would like to be my host me for the night in your city, you may also click “host me” before I set foot in the city along the route on the map.

Most amazingly, with this map, I can save all the pictures with all of my new-made friends and memorialize our invaluable friendships!