Day 9: The Drama of thievery and 3 gifts(Calgary)

Dear Diary,

No matter how some people might call me a native blind believer, I would still deny in protestation. I never understand why one would hurt his/her fellow human being through stealing. Even after the thievery of this young man who had exchanged a few glances with me, I would still like to believe that there’s no way he could be person without the slightest moral. Perhaps it seemed idiotic of me placing personal items under the big oak tree unattended and slipping off to loop around the park in roller blades; every time I past my backpack, the man who was sitting under the same tree discharged an uncertain gaze of scrutiny. I returned a shy smile.  Every time until the 14th loop (roughly 9 miles), I came back to the regular spot only to find no man and no bag.

I expressed a bitter smile at the sight of the missing bag. Bitter because I’ve lost my properties, in particular, IDs and driver’s license ( which with my peculiar travel situation is an additional misery!) Smile because I just realized how much I’ve grown up. The past self would’ve let anger and frustration govern my rationality, but the me today instantaneously focused on coping with the present vexation with an attitude of “Oh well. What’s done is done…” A lot times in life, we simply need to learn to bite the bullet and move on. Ironically, my phone stopped working at this critical moment when it had been working perfectly fine! Oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason. If it had indeed functioned, I wouldn’t have met Andrew and his spouse who gave me the first gift.

I had a strong feeling this Pokemon catcher wouldn’t slam the door in my face. So, I went up to him and sincerely explained my situation. Not only did he lend me his phone without hesitation, he said I could make as many international calls as I needed as well. I must thank Bank of America for the lengthy on-hold system, otherwise I wouldn’t have walked Andrew home and had such a lovely conversations with the caring couple! Considering I had lost everything, they filled up a water bottle and passed it to me as I will be needing it on my way to the police station.

I can’t stress enough how everything happens for a reason… on the account of the absolute nothingness, I was forced to rollerblade 6km to the station. All of a sudden, this unknown power of fierceness and fearlessness fused my body, and I galloped on the street like the lion king. The constant fear of crossing the traffic lights was magically overcome! A passerby dropped a comment “woah! looks like you’re having fun! You look like an athletic fashion model.” (Well, it’s confidence! And…little did he know nor would he believe that my precious backpack just got stolen.)

I halted to a stop at the top of the hill along Edmonton trail. There’s no way I could have skated down this hill without a brake to decelerate. I dropped my knees to the ground pondering my options, A: hitch a ride, b: hop on the bus knowing that the Calgarian drivers are charitable, C: take off the skates and walk barefoot, just when I received the first message from Mr. Husky. I informed him about my situation but assured him that I will be able to figure out a way…he called and suggested that he’d just come to pick me up. While waiting for Mr.Husky, a random happy old man who had previously passed by me saying “if you manage to get downhill, I’ll reward you a plant.” Although I didn’t finish the task, he handed me a small spider plant and regaled me with fun facts and history of the crack houses. With my left hand holding the water bottle, right hand gripping onto the vase, I found contentment in the gaining of the two presents from the loss of everything.

Mr. Husky drove me back to the park and the nearby alleyways to thoroughly inspect every single dust bin in hope that the thief would have had enough conscience to take the money and leave the bag. I was smitten by his serious look while lifting the trash can lids with rapt focus. It was hard to distinguish the night from the day with this daylight saving time. No wonder my stomach began growling as the clock was already slowly ticking towards 10pm. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to dine in at a restaurant bar because I had no ID to show; we sped to grab ourselves a pack of beer and chicken sandwich, and delightfully trudged through the leaves and bushes to a completely remote lake; we sat side by side relishing on the moonlight picnic along with beavers and ducks. The mere commonality between a city girl and a country boy that connects the two of a different generations/ upbringing was Air Supply. The sappy music of the 80’s played on as his coarse hands stroked my hair. I felt like I was living in Nicholas Sparks’ stories – Simplistic and romantic.

Past 2am, I was sandwiched between the giant dog and this loving man. Frankly, I had expected a bang-and-go the first night we met. But this rare sincerity and resistance melted my heart. In the midst of the lovely small pillow talk and caresses, I promised him I won’t run away… everything happens for a reason.

This third and final gift closed the dramatic day.



  • A word for the thief: I know it is ironic that I advocate human goodness, but then I crossed paths with you. I have faith that you aren’t a terrible person and that you’re chastened by perhaps a slight compunction. I’ve always told myself, “if you wish others to unlock the door of trust, you need to open the door.” Responding to your proximity to my bag, I could’ve picked it up and placed it elsewhere, but I would’ve condemned myself for distrusting others if I had done so. So, I left the door opened in hope that you, as a stranger, would do the same and will not violate the trust I bestowed on you. Anyways, don’t anyone worry or be smug that I finally saw ugliness in humankind and lose faith because I will not lose faith!





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