7 reasons why I decide to roller skate across America without money

  1. Make a difference

The secret fantasy of being a superhero to save the world is not exclusive to children. In truth, we do not need to have superpowers to be a hero; everyone can better the world by putting their unique qualities to use. Although there is no singular theory of the ultimate purpose of human existence, I’d like to believe that we are meticulously sculpted differently from within and without to complement each other. We are here to serve others, and hence, our difference shall be used to close the gap between the fine contours of notches and convex shapes in the grand tapestry of life. For example, the wealthy should help the less fortunate. As an ordinary 21 year old who adores adventure, I picked this idea to maximize my contribution to make a change. Not only do I wish to raise funds for refugees, but I also yearn to acquaint myself with the public on the flip side of the guarded reality that we see.

  1. Restore faith in humanity and bold exploration

Those protected fledgings who are afraid to fall never learn to fly. The world is encircled by nature’s masterpieces, vibrant cultures, and, most of all, incredible people. However, these details are often shrouded by the pollution of the news or Hollywood movies. After watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I inevitably associated Texas with a population of creepy, crazy folks. I was beside myself with worry in my airline seat after the movie Flightplan flickered across my mind. Despite the odds that things can go wrong when we get out of our comfort zones to explore the new world, they should never dictate the factors that defer us from venturing out. Some nights during my journey, I will be camping on the road. The land belongs to nature; we, too, belong to nature, so why should we be afraid to stay in close touch with Mother Earth? Other nights, I will be crashing at strangers’ houses. The whole process will be documented. As I firmly uphold the belief that there are more kind and generous souls than immoral in the vast world, I guarantee you that I will land on my feet once again, safe and sound in Los Angeles.

  1. Represent women’s empowerment

At times, I am just a normal girl who desires to be embraced, wooed and protected by a strong arm. But these are not the attributes of the weak. I never like to be seen as a delicate flower, because I believe women can be gritty pioneers and adventurers who stand with equal rights to be strong. Strength is not merely defined by physical shape, but rather mental endurance.

  1. Develop in-depth perception of people

One time, I was engaged in a brief conversion with a girl. Immediately I recognized she was Lithuanian. She was taken aback at my knowledge; “Most people don’t even know where the country is!” I sensed a similar vibe from her as from my old Lithuanian roommate back in California. Another time, I made a random guess that my Lyft driver had once been in deployment after being in his car and joking about my age for 5 minutes. When he asked how I figured it out, while I merited instinct, I believe intuition often is not an inborn nature. Through exposure, certain captured moments and subtle observations unwittingly crawl into our subconscious and project as intuition when it comes to application. The driver had a similar way of articulation as my dear friend who was once in the army and came home with PTSD. My ability to read people and distinguish their intentions was what kept me safe during my previous solo adventures. But this germinated from the innumerous amount and variety of people with whom I had shaken hands and shared stories. During my walk across America, I will certainly meet more people and deposit more indelible moments into the bank of subconscious.

  1. Self-discipline and mind games

A stoic character endures and fights. Delayed gratification, or self-discipline, is the key to success. This 6,700-mile (10782.6-km) roller skating journey will not permit me to give up despite the storms and hardships I will inevitably face. I will grit my teeth and skate 60 miles daily to surpass any difficulty until I reach the finishing line. As the proverb says, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. If I can do this, I can do anything,and I wish to prove it to everyone, but more importantly to myself.

  1. Profitable

The idea of the walkathon fills two needs through one deed. To me, this act is both charitable and profitable. The money made out of advertisement will be used for college tuition and hopefully will fund my grad degree (hopefully I am not being too greedy). This will enable my parents to save money for what they want, and I can achieve my dream of achieving higher education and changing the world through knowledge.

  1. Motivation for others to join me!

On the internet forum, quite a number of people have expressed the desire to explore America with their own feet. However, lacking incentive or company prevents them from doing so. For this reason, I decided to make my location trackable every minute and update my route for each day so that those enthusiasts who wish may join me! I will be here for those people.

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