About Me


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Aloha! I’m 22-year old Yanise, an adventurer who oozes enthusiasm for life! I might be mediocre in a lot of aspects, but I am professional as a smile radiator and a Doer (“Do or do not, there’s no try” as Yoda said). I do have little bit of an attitude problem. I won’t ever, with my adamant spirit, stop trusting and loving, and persisting in human goodness!

 In giving, you gain.  The 2017 European Skate-a-thon project:The Bladress is a mission I set out for myself to manifest that every single one of us regardless of race, age, gender, profession, and differences, is indeed deeply connected with one another as brothers and sisters. For every 500 miles I skate,  one school will be built to ensure young girls get an equal opportunity to receive an education.I guarantee it’ll a fun ride to catch! 😀

I am often asked if I ever feel lonely moving ever so frequently on my own. In fact, instead of sitting in classrooms and roaming around campus, I make friends through venturing out and giving all my heart from the very first second. I love to share my dramatic stories just as much as I love to listen to those of others. This is the life of Yanise. Perhaps understanding my train of thoughts could be an ordeal for some systematic minds because I do not aim for precision when it comes to planning. All I have and need are resolute goals and unwavering faith; don’t ask me how I plan to get there because I don’t know. I’d to leave room (quite a lot) for spontaneous events; after all, life is a constitution of interesting random events coming together. One road will then lead to another…The only thing I know is- I WILL get there!**And if you ever need an empathetic shoulder, don’t be a stranger!

Languages: fluent in Cantonese, English, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish

Things I love the most: Daddy, mommy, my sister, and friends

Adventure timeline:

At 16, I undertook a one-year exchange program in Italy in high school

At 17, I moved to Washington State and started college

At 18, I settled in Santa Monica, Califonia

At 19, I spontaneously hopped on a plane to Florida without any prior planning

At 20, I embarked on a backpacking journey with $4,000 across 3 continents for 5 months (Honduras, Dominican Republic, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Spain, the UK, Hong Kong)

At 21,- I lived in New York; spent 2 months in Hong Kong, Calgary and 4 months in Canada.

– I completed 42km Northshore Inline Skate Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota

– I founded The Bladress LLc.


At 22, I am undertaking a journey of love, rollerblading across Europe for 8 months, totaling in approximately 6-8,000 miles in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record of “the longest journey on inline skate” as well as to produce a documentary to vouch for humanity! Love, trust, care for one another is not a world of make-believe! 

Favorite quote:

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”


Good things don’t come to you. You have to GO and make them happen!

 Yanise ❤